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Richard Heath “Sacred Number and the Lords of Time”
With degrees in systems science, Richard Heath has authored several books on sacred number, time and consciousness, first springing from the evidence left by the Megalithic peoples of Western Europe. His most recent book, Sacred Number and the Lords of Time, is a lucid synthesis of the work of many researchers, including John Michell, John Neal, Howard Crowhurst and Robin Heath (Richard’s brother) on ancient metrology, geodesy and alignment studies. Richard Heath makes the whole subject easier to visualize and understand, while putting forward a unique perspective.
Richard’s thesis is that the idea of a previous super-civilization or an ancient seeding by star people becomes unnecessary, if one is willing to re-interpret evidence from the Stone Age. Astronomy and land surveying became possible in late megalithic society through the simple manipulation of numbers held as lengths. Prehistoric scientists were able to achieve an accurate astronomy and model of the whole Earth, without using modern arithmetic or equipment. His other books include Matrix of Creation, Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization, and Processional Time and the Evolution of Consciousness, published by Inner Traditions.

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John Michell (1933-2009) was a thinker and writer, an artist and unforgettable personality. His writings uniquely combine the thought of Plato and Charles Fort. They remain a source of inspiration to many people.

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