Contributors to this page are some of the many collaborators, close associates, continuators, and critics of John Michell. He co-authored a good number of pamphlets and books and collaborated with book designers and artists. He had travel companions and muses.  Contributions include video and writing – interviews, talks, books, articles, reviews, and photo albums.


Jürgen Krönig, OBE, is the president emeritus of the Foreign Press Association U.K. and the German correspondent for Die Zeit weekly.  He is the author of The Secret Face of Nature, which furthers the pioneering work of his friend John Michell in the little-known field of simulacra.

Born in Germany, Jürgen Krönig has a degree in Political Science and History. In 1984 he moved to England and now lives in Wiltshire. An award-winning journalist, author, broadcaster and photographer, he has been Great Britain and Ireland correspondent for German broadcasting and writes for TV and radio in Germany, Switzerland and the U.K. Since 1990 he has been correspondent for Die Zeit weekly. In 2005, Jürgen Krönig was awarded an OBE for his significant contributions to British-German relations.

Jürgen Krönig first met John Michell in the 1980s. From their many shared interests, Jürgen took on the study of simulacra, which John had opened up in his 1979 book Simulacra, published in the U.S. as Natural Likeness. This is the phenomenon of things looking like other things in a perhaps coincidental but apparently meaningful way: faces in rocks and clouds, spots like eyes on butterfly wings, portraits of people and known symbols that appear spontaneously in nature. A dedicated photographer, Jürgen, together with his wife Katharina, has travelled worldwide to find striking images of simulacra. These found their way into his 2001 book The Secret Face of Nature with a foreword by John Michell.Many galleries of these photos appear on Jürgen’s website:

Paul Screeton is a British journalist, editor and author. He has contributed to The Times, The Sunday Times, The Edinburgh Tatler, International Times, Fortean Times and many others. A maverick folklorist and chronic Fortean, he has been a magazine editor since 1969, around the time he first met his friend John Michell. In 1974, Paul Screeton wrote Quicksilver Heritage, a pioneering survey of the Earth Mysteries movement. His book John Michell: From Atlantis to Avalon came out in 2010.

William Levy is an American writer, editor and former radio personality. He is the author of The Virgin Sperm Dancer, Wet Dreams, Certain Radio Speeches of Ezra Pound, Natural Jewboy and many other titles. In the sixties and seventies, he was very active in the underground press as founder, chief-editor or contributor to The Insect Trust Gazette, International Times, Suck, and The Fanatic. William Levy was one of John Michell’s first publishers and co-authors.

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John Neal, British metrologist and researcher, is the author of All Done With Mirrors, Measuring the Megaliths and The Structure of Metrology. Building on the work of John Michell and others, John Neal has revealed ancient metrology as a coherent system of measure. Professor Michael Vickers, of the Ashmolean Museum and Jesus College, Oxford, called these findings “a major contribution to the history of science” in his review for Nature in 2001.